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AUGUST 26, 2014 - Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone,

Dr. Stewart will be here on September 4th. His hours will be from 4:00 to 6:00pm. If you need Botox or Juvederm, give us a call. We are extending our August Pre-pay special. If you pre-pay for 4 injections, you get the 5th injection free. We will be closed on Friday, August 29th and Monday, September 1st in observance of Labor Day. Our Wellness product of the week is Probiotic Pearls. It offers a convenient, easy to swallow way to achieve a balance of healthy bacteria to promote digestive wellness and healthy immune function.

Our tip of the week is Protein. Pump up your protein intake early in the day. Protein is digested at a slower rate than simple carbs, so you'll feel full for longer.

Have a great week!

AUGUST 20, 2014 - Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone,

We are offering a Back-To-School special on HCG. For anyone who is interested in starting HCG, mention our special and get $25.00 off. We will be offering this special until the end of September.

We have a Wellness product called 7 Keto Lean. Its a great product for weight loss. 7 Keto Lean boosts the metabolism without any stimulant effect and you don't need a prescription to get it. When used in combination with our injections, 7 Keto Lean will help decrease body weight and body mass index.

Our tip of the week is, Drink 2 glasses of ice water as soon as you wake up. Water jump starts your body from sleep mode to awake mode. It gets your blood pumping and boosts your metabolism one to two percent.

Have a great week!

AUGUST 08, 2014 - Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone, Dr. Stewart will be here on Thursday, Sept. 4th. He will be here from 4-6. Call us if you need some Botox or Juvederm. We have a new booster injection. It helps patients who have stalled in their loss or may be yo-yoing. It has more amino acids and promotes muscle growth.
It also has all the B vitamins that our other injections have. Its called Bodivisine and its a great injection to get you back on track with your weight loss goal.

We would like to focus on one of our top selling Wellness products. If you are having trouble sleeping and staying asleep, Kavinase is for you. Its a natural non-habit forming formula that increases the ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and will not cause morning grogginess, while providing all day stress reduction.

Everyone that has tried Kavinase loves it.
Our tip of the week is another good detox water. This can be done daily.


Fat Flush Water

1/2 gallon pure water
1 grapefruit, sliced (can substitute with one lemon)
1 tangerine, sliced (can substitute with orange)
1 large cucumber, sliced
10-20 peppermint leaves


Rinse grapefruit, tangerine, cucumber and peppermint leaves.

Slice cucumber, grapefruit, and tangerine (or peel). Combine all ingredients in a half gallon pitcher. Allow ingredients to sit as long as possible for maximum benefits. Drink throughout the day and made a new pitcher everyday.

Stir & Enjoy!

Have a great week!